Hi and welcome to the lovecake.ch blog.

This is a space where I’ll be sharing bits and pieces about my work and all sorts of lovely people, places and things that interest me. The blog is written in English, not because it is my native language (Dutch is), but because it is the language in which I can express myself best.

Today I am going to introduce you to my favorite cake to date. I made this 2-tier wedding cake in May and this is the very first time I share it with the world. I love this cake because it features a handmade pink peony, daisies, gold cake jewellery and mint. Here she is.

DSC_0328 copy2

Peonies are without a doubt my favorite flower, daisies are the friendliest flowers ( yes, I stole that last bit from ‘You’ve Got Mail‘) and I like some (not too much) color on wedding cakes.

DSC_0340 copy

The color on the lower tier was balanced by a delicate handpainted sugar broche and pearls.

DSC_0339 copy

In all, the cake has a feminine and vintage vibe which went perfectly with the vintage garden theme the bride and groom chose.

All photos by the wonderfully talented and lovely Corinne Chollet.